Waiting for Water


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  • worldwithoutwater India Without Water ft. Nikhil Vijay, Fitoor Mishra & Aseem Chandaver | Independence Day Special

    "Paani chala jayega toh tissue se dhona padega?" It might well be a reality in the age of a severe water crisis. In A Parallel Universe reimagines this: It's 2030 and all the water has vanished off the face of the earth. How would Indians react to it?

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  • RobinHoodArmy The Robin Hood Army: Meet India’s Food Fighters

    On this Independence Day, 10,000 Robins and volunteers from the Robin Hood Army will be out in the streets giving out food to the needy. If you see them in their signature green tee, don't hesitate to help! #Mission1Million

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  • OneRupeeClinic Meet Mumbai’s One-Rupee Baby

    On a seemingly normal day, Gudiya Shaikh took a local train to Kurla, but went into labour. The doctors at the One-rupee Clinic at Ghatkopar station came to her rescue. They helped her deliver a healthy baby girl, making her Mumbai's first "one-rupee baby".

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  • Kabootarbaaz Kabootarbaaz: India’s Finest Birdman

    Ustad Kallu Khan Khalifa is one of the few remaining pigeon trainers of Old Delhi, popularly known as kabootarbaaz. He has over 100 piegons in his house, but his most revered bird costs Rs 2 lakh. This is the story of India's finest birdman and his chirpy family.

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  • MangalPandey Mangal Pandey: Facts vs Bollywood

    160 years ago, one sepoy decided to get the party started. Today on his birthday, everybody chant "Mangal, mangal, ho!"

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