Waiting for Water


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    A ban on single-use plastic is not something that can be achieved simply by carrying a reusable cloth bag to do your sabzi shopping. The ban will be successful only when a few basics are taken care of: Public awareness campaigns, investing in alternatives, creating an efficient recycling process, and then, systematically, creating economic incentives to switch from plastics.

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  • hiking Hey Instagram Tourist, Here’s What the Trash You Leave Behind Is Doing to Our Holiday Hotspots

    Tourist trash is becoming a global emergency. In Nepal, 11 tonnes of garbage was collected from the Everest, which included everything from empty oxygen canisters to shrapnel. Manali turns into dump yards every holiday season, and in Goa, almost every beach has been vandalised by garbage.

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    Ignoring the thousands of clarifications from the Save Aarey movement that it was in no way against the building of a metro shed, the city’s “whatabouters” believe there’s only one thing standing between Mumbai becoming a world-class city of the future and the dystopian nightmare it is today — anti-development hypocrites.

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    Most of us have probably heard Greta Thunberg’s viral appeal to stop climate change. But few know that she’s not alone in this fight. Joining Greta at the UN climate summit is young Uttarakhand girl Ridhima Pandey, who has been fighting for the environment since she was nine.

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  • GreatThunberg Greta Thunberg is Proof that No One is Too Small to Make a Difference

    Last August, Greta Thunberg was a lone 15-year-old sitting outside the Swedish parliament, with a “School Strike for Climate” placard. A year on, the world is rallying behind her as she leads one of the biggest climate change protests in history. How has this teen managed to do so much in such little time?

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