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  • Episode 25 | Maa Kaun hai?

    This Week In Food, the boys take a backseat as their mums take over. They cook the Mother Of All Dals with dollops of TLC aka butter, ghee, and cream. Get a taste of Mamta Ki Mithaas, as they prepare the Franken-dessert that's part gulab jamun, part halwa, and all mamta.

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  • Episode 24 | Bieber Fever Se Rehna Bachkar

    This Week In Food, the boys fight Bieber fever by preparing a Purposely Cheesy Grilled Cheese sandwich using ingredients from Justin's absurd list of demands. They try to make sense of The Biebs and end up making a cocktail called the No Sense White Canadian. Also featuring our very own cover of "Sorry".

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  • Episode 23 | Asafalon Ka Raja- An Aam Special

    This Week In Food, the boys prepare Aam Ka Laachar and a Mango Coconut Daiquiri for Arvind Kejriwal's loss at the MCD.

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  • Episode 22 | Udhari Pe Farari Ki Sawari

    Catch the boys stir up some laughs as they dish out Khayali Pulao for all those who're awaiting Vijay Mallya's return to India.

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  • Episode 21 | Sabki Sattvik Aas

    The boys express their concern about all the recent food bans in India and prepare for Caulipops, lollipops that look and taste like chicken lollipops, but are 100 per cent vegetarian, just in case someone somewhere calls for a ban on chicken.

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