The Farm Life

season 1
, 5 episodes

Join Chef Shagun Mehra as she travels to farms across the country to learn where some of the freshest tastiest fruit comes from. She then rustles up a tasty dish, right there on the farm, in the midst of nature and washes it all down with a tasty Minute Maid mocktail.

Episodes in The Farm Life

  • FarmLifeEpisode1 The Farm Life | Episode 1

    Arre Grub and Minute Maid take chef Shagun Mehra and her charm, and drop them off at the farm. She whips up some tasty mango treats right there. Episode 1 of The Farm Life streams now.

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  • The Farm Life | Episode 2

    You've heard of going bananas but this time Shagun's going guavas in search of this fruit. Join her as she visits yet another farm and whips up a tasty treat on Minute Maid presents The Farm Life with Shagun.

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  • FarmLife3 The Farm Life | Episode 3

    Chef Shagun travels to Nagpur to rustle up tasty treats using the juiciest oranges on Episode 3 of Minute Maid presents The Farm Life. Watch the episode now.

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  • farmlife The Farm Life | Episode 4

    Aaj mosambi bada beimaan hai! Join Shagun as she whips up a fresh, zingy ceviche and a refreshingly tangy sweet-lime mojito on Episode 4 of Minute Maid presents The Farm Life.

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  • The Farm Life | Fresh Fruit Chaat

    Episode 5 of The Farm Life has a mixed bag of oranges and lemons for you. Watch Chef Shagun Mehra put together a fab fruit chaat and some lassi to go with it.

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