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  • tathaastuepisode5 Tathaastu | Episode 5

    Team Tathaastu struggles to fulfil a dying man’s wish to taste Pepsi Blue. Meanwhile, Dev Awasthi, the founder of Tathaastu, returns to India bearing bad news. Episode 5, the season finale of #Tathaastu, is now streaming on arre.co.in, the Arré app, and MX Player.

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  • TathaastuEpisode4 Tathaastu | Episode 4

    A dramatic mother puts Team Tathaastu in a quandary when she asks them to help her son recover from his Tik Tok addiction. Meanwhile, stakes are raised when DK challenges Radhika to a poker game. Watch Episode 4 of #Tathaastu now on arre.co.in, the Arré App, and MX Player.

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  • tathaastu Tathaastu | Episode 3

    With 99 wishes down, Team Tathaastu struggles to hit a century. On the other hand, Radhika has issues dealing with her clingy boyfriend. A strange connection saves the day.

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  • Tathaastuepisode1 Tathaastu | Episode 1

    The team of Tathaastu, a start-up that promises to fulfill all your craziest wishes, is investigating who stole Taimur's priceless potty seat. Watch Episode 1 of #Tathaastu now on Arre.co.in, the Arré App, and MX Player.

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  • Happy New Year From Tathaastu | May Your Craziest Wishes Come True

    Bring in 2019 with a special message from the cast of Tathaastu. Their craziest wishes came true on #Tathaastu - An Arré Original Web Series releasing Jan 2019.

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