Bombay’s Best Foodwallah

Table for Three

Bombay’s Best Foodwallah

Illustration: Cleon Dsouza


am a child of four cuisines – though my gut now is an offspring of many more. It was heaven for a growing boy with a shameless love for food and no dietary restrictions. At home, I grew up on a steady diet of chorchoris, jhols, and jhaals. But I also grew up in the Dadar-Matunga area, going through sambars and chutneys from the best Udipi restaurants in the city, and wadas and amtis from the kitchens of my Marathi friends in Hindu Colony. But my most vivid memories are of the outstanding snacks from Parsi colony.

The Parsi community conjures up a variety of stereotypical images in people’s minds – philanthropists, aficionados of western classical music, lovers of vintage cars, even the shallow, asinine caricatures from our movies. What these stereotypes miss out on is Parsi food. Which is an absolute shame because it is unique. And it is unfairly delicious.