Assam’s Seed of Fire

Table for Three

Assam’s Seed of Fire

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


s you drive along NH 37 and get to the boundaries of the great Kaziranga National Park, it is hard not to marvel at the wonder of nature surrounding you. How many national highways in the world offer you a view of rhinos in their natural habitat or eagles perched on trees that skirt its perimeter? If you are under the speed limit (as you should be), giant flying squirrels and who knows, maybe a family of gibbons, might greet you.

You could be forgiven for breaking in to a smile and shedding a tear at the same time. Or you could opt for a smile then and save the tears for later. For the chilli that most animals must avoid as well, the legendary, the storied Bhoot Jolokia.