Campus Nostalgia, With Extra Cheese

Table for Three

Campus Nostalgia, With Extra Cheese

Illustration: Riya Rathod


t started out surreal, then got just plain weird. Getting in was a big deal – then there was the prospect of finally experiencing hostel life. Welcome to WIMWI (Well-known Institute of Management in Western India) aka IIM Ahmedabad aka “Management” to an auto driver in the city.

In the first few days, you could tell the rookies from the jaded IIT-ians and other hostel veterans. While we neatly arranged our new buckets, detergent sachets, underwear, and books (in that order), they spilled open the contents of their bags and sauntered off for their first chai and smoke. Then came the orientation, and without warning, the treadmill was cranked up and all order was lost.