The Dog Whisperer

Stranger Things

The Dog Whisperer

Illustration: Akshita Monga


s I enter the animal-telepathy workshop, I am greeted by a cheerful-looking mongrel at the gate. He wags his tail confidently, as if he has not the slightest doubt about the idea of conversing with man telepathically. Of course, says his tail, as it wags furiously from side to side, thought transference is legit.

I feel markedly better about this whole endeavour, as I sit down in a roomful of people who are here to “talk” to their dogs. They are led by the lively and amiable Manjiri Latey, a Pune-based animal communicator, who often conducts workshops in Mumbai. To my right is Varsha, who has been working in animal rescue for 35 years. She has shown up with the hope to learn new techniques to help damaged cats and dogs she takes under her wing. Next to her is Trisha, a wide-eyed and bubbly girl, who wants to grow closer to her dog, and understand the need of her pet better. There is even a veterinarian, who has come along with her father, Sandeep, a man with greying whiskers and several doubts like me. Together they’re all part of Manjiri’s two-day workshop on how to communicate with animals.