The Invisible Artist


The Invisible Artist

Illustration: Namaah


n 2008, a slightly oddball pair moved into Gurgaon’s Devi Art Foundation. One of them was a shiny, skeletal dinosaur nearly six feet tall; the other was a pale-coloured antique Jaguar. The young pair, newly coupled, mated in an endless loop: Their movements lumbering and staccato, gauche, metal-on-metal. But none of their neighbours seemed particularly disturbed. No one would have believed that they would end up together, but even years after their first union, the spark has not gone out of their relationship.

The crashing, copulating metal hulks are an installation titled “Love”, by artist Sudarshan Shetty and is easily one of the most recognised pieces of India’s contemporary art scene, even a decade after it was first exhibited. “Love” is testament to the fact that it takes two to tango, just the way the installation was a product of two minds – Shetty and his trusted aide, fabricator Manish Maheshwari.