The Foul-mouthed Feminist

Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender

The Foul-mouthed Feminist

Illustration: Namaah/ Arré


s a man writing about feminism, I know I will have to tread on eggshells. Not because I’m shy about being a feminist, but because I have been informed, thanks to the generosity of the internet, that there is a “a right kind” of feminism that I ought to endorse. The kind of feminism where I cheer my wife’s career, assume equal responsibility of our child and our kitchen, and work hard to ensure that we have an equitable workplace. A feminism that is cosy in the cocoon of privilege. Because to endorse any other kind of feminism, not prettified by nuance and articulateness, is to run the risk of getting roundly abused.

Last week, we debuted our flagship reality show Arré Ho Ja Regender to the world. The show is based on a social experiment where six men and women from across the country and from varied backgrounds voluntarily step into the shoes of the other gender to gain a nuanced perspective on how different sexes experience life. We introduced the participants – one of whom, Farrah Kader, is a young actor from Mumbai – in the run-up to the show. In the process, we ended up triggering a “class war” of sorts when we introduced her as a “fiery feminist”.