And the Lungi Shall Set You Free

Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender

And the Lungi Shall Set You Free

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


his week, despite a naked monk and beef-eating Bolt, the conversation has been about clothes – the hemlines of skirts, the ban on burkinis, the cutting out of bras. This same week, the contestants on Arré Ho Ja Re-Gender take up the clothes vs culture fight against Sri Ram Sena, as their spokesperson stands in a college campus in Delhi and insists that women should dress with “dignity”. This same week, Megha Joshi, a mother of two teenage girls and an artist, wrote a beautifully nuanced essay about being a feminist and being fucked by context, when it came to raising her young daughters, who walk out of the house wearing tees with two top buttons undone in the savage city of Gurgaon. Button up, is her parental advice.

But I want to take a moment here to step out of the world of buttons, bras, burkinis, and hemlines, and talk about lungis.