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    "Paani chala jayega toh tissue se dhona padega?" It might well be a reality in the age of a severe water crisis. In A Parallel Universe reimagines this: It's 2030 and all the water has vanished off the face of the earth. How would Indians react to it?

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  • tattoo The Guy With an Eye Tattoo

    Everything you've always wanted to ask tattoographer Karan, the first Indian to get his eyes tattooed.

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  • polyamory FAQing Around With a Polyamorist

    Some people struggle to find the perfect relationship, while others aren't satisfied with just one. A polyamorist gives us an insider perspective into a world where multiple relationships are the norm, in the second of our series, "FAQing Around".

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  • raelians FAQing Around With a Raelian

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a gathering of people believed in a UFO race of super-humans. We spoke to Rishi Gangoly a Raelian from Mumbai to find out more about this alien race that apparently created all life on Earth. The first in our series, FAQing Around With...

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  • Episode 7 Promo | अदालत

    सीबीआई की अनिर्णायक रिपोर्ट, अस्थिर गवाहों और तकिये के कवर से जुड़े रहस्य ने मामले में पेचीदगी बढ़ा दी थी। सुनवाई, तहकीकात से कहीं ज़्यादा नाटकीय होने वाली थी।

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