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  • gameofthrones To GoT, Or Not To GoT?

    #GameOfThrones: Not everyone is excited for the premiere of the final season of GoT. At this point, is it still the most thrilling show on TV or just a shell of its former self? And most importantly, is it still worth watching? We answer these questions and more in this week's episode of Arré Sunte Ho!

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  • captaincoolmsdhoni Anger Games: Why We Should Be Worried When MS Dhoni Loses His Cool

    There’s no denying that the situation which Dhoni found himself in was a high-stakes one. But there’s no situation in which storming onto the field to argue with the umpires and opponents is justified, especially when you’ve made your name as “Captain Cool”.

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  • ViratKohli IPL 2019: Why Virat Kohli Should Consider Stepping Down as RCB Captain

    Six seasons ago, Virat Kohli became the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore, but his IPL trophy cabinet is still empty. Had any other captain been unable to maximise his players’ potential over so many years, his job would have been on the line. How does Kohli get so much leeway?

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  • Are Indians Embarrassed About The Bra?

    Tune in to Episode 4 of Arré Sunte Ho!, a weekly podcast featuring hot takes on even hotter topics. This week, we're talking about women's bodies and asking the magic question: "Are Indians Embarrassed About The Bra?"

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  • The Eternal Agony of Being a Delhi Capitals Fan

    Delhi’s IPL team is like a sweet but nagging girlfriend — regardless of what she says or how bad a fight you get into, you always know, even in those moments of frustration, that this is only fleeting and you cannot ever afford to lose her.

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