Arré Sunte Ho!

SEASON noseason, EPISODE 2

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    #GameOfThrones: Not everyone is excited for the premiere of the final season of GoT. At this point, is it still the most thrilling show on TV or just a shell of its former self? And most importantly, is it still worth watching? We answer these questions and more in this week's episode of Arré Sunte Ho!

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    Tune in to Episode 4 of Arré Sunte Ho!, a weekly podcast featuring hot takes on even hotter topics. This week, we're talking about women's bodies and asking the magic question: "Are Indians Embarrassed About The Bra?"

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    Episode 3 of Arré Sunte Ho!, a weekly podcast for all your trending news needs. This week, we're on a sticky wicket, talking about the ethics of mankading and other IPL controversies. Are you #TeamAshwin or #TeamButtler?

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  • Does India Have A Wedding Problem?

    Introducing Arré Sunte Ho!, a weekly podcast featuring hot takes on hotter topics. This week, we delve into India's wedding mania, from the media circus of the Ambani Wedding to the runaway success of Made In Heaven.

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  • OpenLetterfromaRajinikanthFanArreReads Rajinikanth and the Futility of Decoding Thalaivardom

    As a genuine Rajinikanth fan, it is our duty not to wince at how our hero is mutilated through a plot line or the lack thereof, if he makes it in politics or not, but to accept it as a lesson in fortitude and move on.

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