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  • Can Pakistan beat India?

    The biggest game of the 2019 Cricket World Cup is here - India vs Pakistan. This week, we're asking "Can Pakistan beat India?" Self-confessed cricket and raincoat fanatics, Gaganjeet Singh and Hardik Rajgor discuss whether Sarfarz Ahmed's team can upset the Men in Blue? And who is more annoying, Rameez Raja or Sanjay Manjrekar? #INDvPAK

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  • Finding My Feminism in a Menstrual Cup

    I started using the menstrual cup more than 15 years after I got my first period and it was the first time I engaged with my menses. I no longer loathed “that time of the month”. With every cycle I understood my body a little better, embraced it a little more

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  • Game of Thrones Finale: Does Khaleesi Still Deserve the Throne?

    We're two days away from one of the biggest pop-culture event of the year: The #GoT finale. In this week's podcast, we're asking: Does Khaleesi still deserve the throne? Jackie Thakkar sits down with Shreya Ramakrishnan and Dushyant Shekhawat to find out whether they're Team #AbKiBaarJonSnow or #AayegiTohKhaalesi

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  • atishigambhir Atishi Or Gautam Gambir: Who’s The Better Candidate ?

    #TheArréWeeklyPodcast: This Lok Sabha election has thrown up some exciting contests, but few are as thrilling as the battle between AAP's education expert Atishi and BJP's former World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir. A day before Delhi goes to vote, join our panellists as they try and figure out which of these two candidates deserves the vote. Also let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • burqaban “Ban the Burqa, Ban the Ghunghat”: When Will We Stop Telling Women What They Can or Cannot Wear?

    If you support the ban of a piece of clothing – a burqa, ghunghat, or a skirt – you’re still supporting the idea that women’s bodies, and what they put on them, can and should be subjected to regulation. Why should the world decide whether a woman should be behind a veil or cover her legs?

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