1.09 What the media said

Trial by Error | The Aarushi Files

1.09 What the media said

Aday after Aarushi Talwar was brutally murdered, the U.P. Police’s case against its prime suspect went up in smoke – after he turned up dead. The Talwar family’s domestic help Hemraj, who had been presumed missing, was found dead on the terrace of their Noida house.

The U.P. Police’s bizarre theories, one of which cast the teenager’s death as an honour killing, kickstarted endless speculation that filled up inches of column space in newspapers and magazines. Insinuations and rumours began to fly thick and fast. Within days, the needle of suspicion had shifted. When the prime suspect was discovered to be another victim, the police trained its sights on Aarushi’s parents. That theory reached its apogee when the Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) made a statement that “the way in which the throat of Aarushi was cut points out that it is the work of some professional who could be a doctor or a butcher.”

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