1.08 Press conference from Hell


Gurdarshan Singh, then Inspector General of Police (Meerut range), addressed a press conference on May 23, 2008, where he made allegations that would forever stain the Talwars’ reputation.

Courtesy: NDTV


Aweek after Aarushi Talwar was found dead in her bed, the U.P. police arrested her father Rajesh Talwar for the double murder. Gurdarshan Singh, then Inspector General of Police (Meerut range), held a press conference where he made allegations – unsupported by evidence – that would forever haunt the Talwars. The theories that Singh floated were full of internal contradictions, but several media channels reported them without calling out the discrepancies.

Singh started by insinuating that Talwar had tried to mislead the investigators by requesting them (a “sentimental attack”) to look for the missing Hemraj, who was first suspected of murdering Aarushi. He went on to say that since the Talwars did not wake up when their child was murdered, it proved that they were responsible for it. It gets even more bizarre: Singh alleged that Talwar had an extra marital affair, that Aarushi had come to know about it, and that Talwar had found his daughter and Hemraj in an “objectionable position”. The conference was called when the case had not yet been investigated – but Singh managed to cast a grieving father as a cold-blooded monster, leaving the lines between fact and conjecture irretrievably blurred.

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