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  • drugs The Trippy Life of the “Goalkeepers” of Goa’s Drugs

    Lawrence is a former goalkeeper. No, not the kind who stops footballs from finding the net. Back in the ’90s and early noughties, he was the custodian of narcotics in Goa’s Ashwem. He attempted to control the flow of drugs on the streets.

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  • PoliceSketchArtist A Pencil is Mightier than a Gun: The Making of a Police Sketch Artist

    A police sketch artist discovers that the upshot of a satisfying career busting crime is that the ghosts of the past might disappear… but are never quite exorcised.

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  • 1993MumbaiBlasts “You’re Sanjay Dutt and You’re Not a Terrorist”

    As a court reporter with Mumbai’s leading newspapers, I got a ringside view of a crucial period in Sanjay Dutt’s life: the 1993 Mumbai blasts trial. It was difficult to figure him out. Either he was a genuinely humble man, or the artist in him put up a great act knowing full well that he’d get away easy.

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  • CharlesMansonMansonFamilyMansonMurdersHippieSusanAtkinsPatriciaKrenwinkelLeslieVanHoutenLindaKasabian Why Were the Girls Crazy about Charles Manson?

    The girls – Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, and Linda Kasabian – were attracted to Charles Manson. They vied for his attention, almost competing with one another. When he ordered them to go kill seven people over two days, they didn’t hesitate.

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  • DavinderBambiha The Cocky Pablo Escobars of Punjab

    Punjab’s Pablos gained notoriety in 2013, crashing onto the scene with a laundry list of crimes and a flamboyance that seems straight out of a Narcos episode. Their devil-may-care persona, coupled with legit street cred, earned them a following on Facebook.

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