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  • momochallenge Momo Challenge: The Deadly Sequel to The Blue Whale Challenge

    The government has issued an advisory warning against the Momo challenge, the spinoff of the Blue Whale Challenge. A number of suicides have been linked to the dreaded suicide game, including that of a boy in Rajasthan's Ajmer. This is an awareness video. Be safe.

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  • Internet Happy Birthday, Internet. You’re the Best Nanny I Could Ask For

    As our phones changed from landlines to mobiles, the internet sped up with us 1 kbps at a time. So the next time someone asks you where you’re from, slap your chest and proudly say that you were raised on the borderless, limitless empire of the internet.

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  • Binge Watch A.I.SHA Season 2

    Watch Raghu tell you why you should binge on Season 2 of A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend now.

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  • Deep Inside the Dark Web

    Discovering the deep web is like finding Narnia. It's 500 times larger than the normal surface web, and cannot be accessed by standard search engines. So what does it contain?

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  • BlueWhaleChallenge मौत का खेल – ब्लू व्हेल

    पूरी दुनिया में सैंकड़ो किशोरों को शिकार बनाने के बाद, ब्लू व्हेल चैलेंज ने सूत्रों के अनुसार हाल ही में मुंबई शहर में दस्तक दी। खेल के नियम और अलग अलग कार्य कराने के तरीके डर और दहशत की एक नयी दास्तान बयाँ करते हैं।

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