Living in a Dhokla Democracy


Living in a Dhokla Democracy

Illustration: Namaah/Arré


ome say it’s a veritable beauty, an architectural marvel – it looks structurally stable but is soft and gives from the core. It makes the eye of the average Gujarati twinkle with delight. But to me it’s just full of holes and air. A block of make-believe; a bite of hokey. A glob of solidified yellow pixie dust smothered in a mother load of emotional, tear-jerking chutney.

It has been two years since the Modi government has been in power and things are very, very good for all of us here in Bharat. No cows to eat in one state, no booze to drink in another, no water to drink that booze with either. And saffron is the new black in many cases. With the dos and don’ts and taxing and waxing, not to mention the television adverts and outdoor hoardings with their special messages of manicured hope, I think we are doing fine. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi appears on television to endorse cleanliness more than Katrina Kaif who endorses naughty, dirty ways to eat mango pulp, and Ayurveda is the solution to everything – from broken marriages to broken hipbones.