The Darkest De on Twitter


The Darkest De on Twitter

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


hew! We almost went two whole weeks without a celeb having a brain fart on social media. And then Shobhaa De put an end to that dream run, forcing armchair activists like me (the type who specialise in “Socialites’ Take On Olympics”) across India to bring out our Word docs and get down to ripping her apart.

And what a joy the task is. Because let’s face it. We don’t like Shobhaa De. We never have. Not when she wrote novels like Starry Nights and Sultry Days, not when she elevated herself to a journalist, and certainly not when she decided to call herself an “opinion shaper”. The day opinions are shaped by Shobhaa De, I will start listening to lyrics of Taylor Swift songs.