Stranger Things: The Disappearance of Pravin Togadia


Stranger Things: The Disappearance of Pravin Togadia

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


n the first season of Stranger Things, the disappearance of Will Byers drove the town of Hawkins into a panicked frenzy, as they began a hunt for their missing boy. However, the level of urgency and drama in Hawkins was nothing compared to the pandemonium in Ahmedabad after Pravin Togadia went missing yesterday. Wanted under a warrant for disorderly conduct by the Rajasthan Police, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad president seemingly vanished off the face of Earth for a few hours. And that’s when shit hit the fan.

VHP supporters claimed their leader was being wrongfully detained by the police, and gheraoed the police station in protest. But no cop could trace Togadia, who was eventually found in an unconscious state and had to be admitted to the hospital. When he had gathered his wits, he began spouting off a host of conspiracy theories, such as he was being targeted for an encounter killing and that the Gujarat government was trying to suppress him and his message.