The Wedding Wasteland of Gurgaon


The Wedding Wasteland of Gurgaon

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ays after Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan proposed a bill aimed at destroying the very fabric of one of India’s great traditions, Gurgaon came to a standstill. The silence was louder than the time the shiny-dusty outpost of Delhi had been rechristened Gurugram. Coolness it could live without (it had, after all, been living without it ever since inception), but cheapness it could not bear. It was not the thought of limited wedding lists that put the fear of God in the people of Gurugram (life without large numbers of drunk revellers to stampede may even be welcome), but the idea of a disgraceful ₹5-lakh limit was what was driving them to near insanity.

Arré fast-forwarded to the future and visited this wedding wasteland to report from a party, where invites had been handed out in the form of solid Swarovski crystal vases with the faces of the bride and groom embedded in each crystal flower. They stood frozen at the idea of forthcoming gareebi. What did gareebi look like? What was gareebi even?