Person of the Year: The Sexual Harasser


Person of the Year: The Sexual Harasser

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


his year, the Silence Breakers, the women who brought down the several sexual predators governing Hollywood, fended off competition from contenders like Beyoncé and the guy with orange hair, to be declared the Time Person of the Year.  Now let’s get real — an achievement of this stature cannot be credited to mere womenfolk , whose place, it has been established, is in the kitchen making a sandwich. So we’re going to go ahead and give credit where it’s actually due, and acknowledge the real kickstarters of the #MeToo movement: The men who made sexual harassment possible in the first place, and the men who covered it up.  Suit up and brush up on your latent misogyny, because this party is about to get mansplained.

Through the year, for every woman who has had the courage to come forward, there have been about 10 men who have come forth to protect the hoary tradition that is chauvinism. But do you see the mainstream media talking about that? Of course not. No one cares for good ol’ Men ki Baat these days. It may seem unbelievable, or ridiculous even, but herein lies an important lesson that only the harasser and his friends cared to teach us this year: “The mainstream media is out to get the men”.