Serial Screenshotter: A New Superhero is Born


Serial Screenshotter: A New Superhero is Born

Illustration: Palak Bansal / Arré


ince the beginning of time, every superhero we have ever created, has exceptional skills that are really useful in the real world. Superman can fly, Flash can travel really fast, Batman fights thugs, and Wolverine has bone claws. But what use would these guys be in the online world of tweets, filters, virtual reality, and snaps? The online world will need its own set of superheroes, and the hero, I think, who would save the world is the Serial Screenshotter.

The Serial Screenshotter is the hero whose superpower is that he takes a hell lot of screenshots. He is basically the unofficial FBI of the internet, and every screenshot he takes is filed away as evidence. Tweets, news articles, Facebook posts, Instagram comments — he has it all covered. The Serial Screenshotter has more screenshots in his phone gallery than pictures of his children and his better half. He doesn’t use the volume and camera button combinations, he uses his fingertips to capture screenshots. That’s when you know it’s serious business. “Ungli karna” is a very apt metaphor for what he usually does.