Haar Kar Jeetne Wale Ko Scamster Kehte Hain


Haar Kar Jeetne Wale Ko Scamster Kehte Hain

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


aking it big as an ethical person in India is a mixture of hard work, luck, and desi chemical X – connections. You have to compromise your fun years and struggle your entire school life to score Dettol level percentages. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it to a good college and not end up dead drunk in a gutter three years later. While you’re in college, you have to prepare for professional exams like your life depends on it and spend the next few years getting that degree. If all goes well, you may walk out of college and get a salary of ₹50,000, that disappears faster every month than articles critical of Amit Shah on the internet. Embrace the stress for three decades and you could retire with a house in Mumbai that’s smaller than the smallest atom in the world. And this, is your best case scenario, a worthy pursuit.

Here’s a spot of advice for young children, who have to grapple with whether they should study arts, commerce, or science and what the career “scope” of these streams: Scamster ban jao doston, bahot scope hai.