“Real Men Don’t Use Chapstick”


“Real Men Don’t Use Chapstick”

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


ew things indicate more delusion wokeness than growing up as an upper-middle-class Indian male. Our existence is the equivalent of playing a video game on novice-mode difficulty while not realising being totally sympathetic to the sorry plight of the opposite sex. We’re allowed to stay out late, man-shaming is non-existent, and most of our overall douchebaggery is brushed away with a casual “boys will be boys.” Yet, most of us urban dudebros are exposed to the idea of gender equality early on in life. (But only a few of us genuinely believe in it.)

Let’s just admit that all us Urban Indian Males like to think we are woke AF? Yes? We fight the good fight against gender biases and toxic masculinity, don’t we? We go Dutch on dates, we don’t open doors or pull out chairs for our female friends, we ensure our partners “come” before us. But all of us have our breaking points, when the mask slips off.