Baba’s Got Back


Baba’s Got Back

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


icture if you will, a land where the God fearing walk with their heads held high. Where allegiance to faith and country supersedes logic or justice. The kind of place that glorifies the hallowed past and does not put up with rubbish modern ideologies. Does this Utopia appeal to you? Well, if you need a guide into this paradise, look no further than the cover of India Today.

You’ll find a model citizen of this brave new world staring back at you from between a pair of hairy thighs. Bask in the glory of his taut calves and perfectly toned glutes and hang your head in despair at the thought of what you will look like at fifty years of age. Healthy, robust, and clearly very confident in his own skin, Baba Ramdev is the man to show you how to thrive in India in 2016.