Noor and the Murder of the Millennial


Noor and the Murder of the Millennial

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


f you’re looking for a film that champions a cause, look no further than Noor. No Bollywood film in the past has fought so valiantly for the cause of its subject as effectively as Sonakshi Sinha’s Noor fights for the plight of millennials, arguably the most misunderstood species of this generation.

Noor is a film (and a woman) on a mission. The mission is a fight against the reductive millennial stereotype of “lazy and entitled” and director Sunhil Sippy digs deep. (Much like Sonakshi Sinha does while investigating the “organ-trading scam” in the film, but more on that later.) The film goes to such crazy lengths to ensure that the script lends authenticity to the complexity of its muse that the writers, it is apparent, have only referred to the Millennial Bible™ aka the internet while penning the dialogues.