Who is Hotter: Macron or Modi?


Who is Hotter: Macron or Modi?

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


his week, everyone training their sights on the French election, were left in a puddle of drool. France’s President aka real-life confection Emmanuel Macron, is a sight for sore eyes, especially after the orange plague that swept America in November. The 39-year-old leader of a nation of classy wine-drinkers and Godard-film-watchers might not stand for much, but he does stand for the ideal of male beauty. The Canadians, insecure of the sudden diversion of attention from their Prime Minister, wasted no time in bombarding the internet with photos of the forever-sexy Justin Trudeau.

But I find this attention supremely unfair to Indian politicians. As the world gushes over these PILFs (Politicians I’d Like to Fuck), their son-of-the-soil rugged sex appeal goes unnoticed. Sure, our netas don’t have the twinkling eyes or the coquettish dimples that these international dishes are well known for, but with their 56-inch-chests and aam aadminess, they can certainly out-hot the Macron any day.