Mamata Banerjee Arrests Herself after Accidentally Laughing at Meme


Mamata Banerjee Arrests Herself after Accidentally Laughing at Meme

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was caught laughing at a meme that was open on the computer in her house by another Didi, her househelp. Embarrassed she directed the police to arrest her. Sources say the chief minister accidentally stumbled on the meme on Twitter, early on Tuesday, when she was looking up “date of Amit Shah’s arrival in West Bengal”.

“I have a zero-tolerance policy against memes, as you all know,” Mamata screamed from the back of a police van at a reporter who was running after the vehicle for a quote. “But one of those meme pages accidentally opened on my laptop while I was working on official business, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I am sorry.”

“The caption was ‘when your friend joins the BJP’ and the picture under it showed a kalo jam in a box of roshogollas. I thought this was very funny,” she told a reporter, who had reached the police van by then, trying to suppress a giggle. “Later, my secretary told me that what I laughed at was a meme, so I had to do the noble thing and arrest myself. I will not leave jail until I’ve learnt not to laugh at jokes.”

The police, who were confused about what charges to press against their chief minister, eventually ended up booking her for “hurting religious sentiments” and “laughing at joke, not amounting to treason.”

“Whenever someone makes a joke on social media it can only be one of three things,” an inspector told us, completely ignoring 20 rioters who had stormed into his office. “We take the law and order situation very seriously in Bengal,” he added, this time buried under 12 men holding various party flags.

Meanwhile, the consortium that deals exclusively in Bengal Sweets has put out an official statement distancing itself from all roshogulla-related memes on the internet. “We are outraged by the way Mamata Di laughed at the meme. We won’t be content with arrest, we want her to step down as chief minister immediately,” a spokesperson said. “She can go to Odisha. They have already stolen our dessert, they might as well take our CM too.”

To get a better idea of just how serious an issue meme-related crime is in our country, we spoke to singer and professional meme-maker, Baba Sehgal. “I just have just two small pieces of advice,” Sehgal said. “Laugh at memes and eat chicken fried rice.”