Arré Checklist: How To Save Your Crisis-Struck Maldives Honeymoon


Arré Checklist: How To Save Your Crisis-Struck Maldives Honeymoon

Illustration: Shruti Yatam/Arré


fter the Greatest Day Of Your Life (TM), you were supposed to embark on a holiday that you’ll remember forever with your #soulmate #princecharming #hubster4lyf. You spent months figuring out every detail of your Maldives honeymoon, down to the shade of roses that’ll be strewn across your five-star marital bed, but now, mere days before you’re supposed to depart for this matrimonial adventure, you accidentally turn on the news and see that there’s a travel advisory on the Maldives! They’re asking you to put off all non-essential travel, which is fine because this trip is totes essensh. But what’s the real drama, and how will it affect your journey to paradise?

In a nutshell: the Maldivian Supreme Court ordered President Abdulla Yaheem to drop charges against a number of political dissenters, including country’s former president Mohamed Nasheed. President Yaheem not only refused, he mobilised the army to resist the Supreme Court’s decision and declared a state of emergency. The army arrested Naheed and now a constitutional crisis is unfolding like the swan-shaped towels in your ensuite.