Red Alert: BJP’s BFF Vikas is AWOL


Red Alert: BJP’s BFF Vikas is AWOL

Illustration: Sushant Ahire/Arré


t is polling day in Gujarat. A dusty December afternoon, after all that mud-slinging last month. A doorbell rings. “Uncle, can Vikas come out to play?” “Vikas? Beta, he doesn’t stay here anymore,” says an unknown man. He’s rather rude and arrogant, a far cry from the sweet, hopeful Vikas whom everyone adored.

Some say he went crazy. Some say he went missing. He contemplated filing for defamation for the former accusation. But figured it was easier to opt for the latter. He went AWOL. Dropped off. Poof. Almost like Ranchoddas Chanchad from 3 Idiots.