The Donkey Who Went To Jail Breaks His Silence


The Donkey Who Went To Jail Breaks His Silence

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


used to think that the class system in India was only restricted to humans, but I was wrong. My cow friends can walk in the middle of the road in heavy traffic, have Aadhaar cards issued to them, people will fight and kill for them, but I eat when I’m hungry and suddenly I’m in jail! To cows who complain all the time about their difficult life: You need to check your privilege.

I was arrested and jailed for four days for eating some plants. Even people who get arrested for tweets and Facebook posts were laughing at me, which I thought was a bit rich. I don’t want to create controversy, but didn’t some guy threaten to behead an actress? He’s still roaming free but I have a criminal record now. Vijay Mallya owes the country so much money and we still let him go to the United Kingdom but sure, I’m the most stupid animal on the planet.