Person of the Year: The Bhakt


Person of the Year: The Bhakt

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


his year Prime Minister Narendra Modi won TIME magazine’s reader’s poll in spectacular fashion, well ahead of opponents like Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Even though he lost out on the real prize, being announced TIME’s unofficial Person of the Year is a pretty grand title in itself (commence chest thumping and aarti reciting). For this great achievement, we must give credit where credit’s due, and acknowledge that the real hero here is you, the BhaktTM, who put in hours of tireless effort to make this possible.

We can only imagine how hard this year must have been for you, dear bhakt. Having to wake up every single day to an announcement from the one man you love the most in the world, and then log on to six different social media platforms to broadcast that thought, is no easy ask. But someone has to do it. And better you than me. We appreciate the hours you put in, trying to Photoshop a positive spin on everything the prime minister is doing, whether it makes any sense or not. All this before you have to invent additional accomplishments to shower him with, when the mood is down. It must be exhausting to have to drink Gomutra three times a day and then immediately have to explain to random internet strangers how it cures cancer, keeping a straight face all along.