Shut the Hell Up, Demonetisation Haters


Shut the Hell Up, Demonetisation Haters

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


undreds of news reports, thousands of tweets, millions of people, and now, even the Reserve Bank of India has given its verdict on demonetisation. In its much-awaited report, the RBI declared that 99.3 per cent of demonetised notes came back to the banks. Everyone is going on and on about how demonetisation was a massive failure that hurt the economy. Poor Arun Jaitley has had to defend demonetisation more than Rahul Dravid had to defend himself in the Rawalpindi Test Match in 2004. This negativity is so polluting that even the smog in Delhi looks at it and develops a complex.

I’m sick and tired of this nonsense peddled by the liberal media. Can we just ignore statistics and facts that reflect reality, and look at the good things demonetisation gave us?