Apna Time Aa Gaya: A Middle-Class Indian’s Love Letter to Piyush Goyal


Apna Time Aa Gaya: A Middle-Class Indian’s Love Letter to Piyush Goyal

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

ear Piyush Goyal, I’m the Indian middle class.
For the longest time, we felt like Arbaaz in the Khan family and veg biryani at a Punjabi wedding – ignored. We were trampled upon like balloons at a five-year-old’s birthday party. We couldn’t emulate India’s rich elite and flee the country in chartered planes despite being bankrupt, nor could we afford to spend an entire day at Jantar Mantar protesting, because we would lose a day’s salary if we clock in even five minutes late to work.

By working 14 hours a day, following the rule of law, and paying our taxes regularly, we became the smallest “minority” in the country – the honest taxpayer! Yet, there was no political campaigning directed toward us. The rich got favourable court verdicts and easy loans, the poor got their fair share of waivers and subsidies, the religious lot was won over with promises of mandirs and masjids, and all we, the humble middle-class got was… babaji ka thullu.

After each budget, we watched thousands of crores being distributed like chakna at a cheap bar, in schemes with awful acronyms and populist yojanas directed at specific voter groups. We were happy for our fellow countrymen benefitting from these schemes, but all this time we were secretly hoped, “Apna time aayega.” But just like Parthiv Patel’s career, apna time nahi aaya.