Modicare Steals the Show in Jaitley’s Budget Raja


Modicare Steals the Show in Jaitley’s Budget Raja

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


hursday saw the release of the new film Budget Raja, and much is expected from this version of the franchise after some dud prequels with Demonetisation Mana Hai and GST Zinda Hai. While Demonetisation Mana Hai, the horror film that only seven people understood, didn’t find any appreciation from the audience, the thriller GST Zinda Hai picked momentum at the box-office after a slow start. Producer Bal Narendra is expecting Budget Raja, the last movie in the trilogy, to be a blockbuster with mass appeal. But will it? We will know only in 2019.

Directed by and starring Arun Jaitley as Budget Raja, the film is an epic journey of one of the protagonists, Money’s travel from the rich man’s electronic wallet to the poor worker’s piggy bank in order to conquer a vicious election that is fast approaching the country’s shores. Middle Class, playing a cameo in the film, is wondering why it even exists, as it is always sidelined like women characters in Bollywood of the ’70s.