The Real Amitabh Bachchan Letter to Granddaughters


The Real Amitabh Bachchan Letter to Granddaughters

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ear Navya and Aaradhya,

You carry on your tender shoulders a legacy that I’m trying very hard to protect. Your grandfather strived for half a century to make your surname a household name. (Navya, I know your second name is Nanda, but LOL, everyone knows you as a Bachchan. So let’s stop pretending for a few minutes.) I have ruled the film industry for as long as one can remember. But in the last four years, my films haven’t been setting the box office on fire. Shamitabh was too self-indulgent; it flopped. The movie trailers of Wazir and TE3n were great. Unfortunately, the films weren’t. I even tried my hand at television with a mini-series, Yudh, but thankfully nobody remembers that now. Yes, Piku was phenomenal, a massive money-spinner too. But that overachieving woman, Deepika Padukone, took all the credit for it. Women, I tell you.