Gurmehar Kaur: India’s Latest “Anti-National”


Gurmehar Kaur: India’s Latest “Anti-National”

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


hat was Gurmehar Kaur thinking when she held up a placard saying, “Pakistan did not kill my dad. War killed him.” I totally get her decision to hold a placard because there is nothing more pissing off than your social media update going viral and you not getting any credit for it. Gurmehar clearly understood how people commit daylight “likes” robbery by simply copy-pasting an update without giving credit to the creator. So she wisely resorted to taking a picture of her update.

But why did she have to say the word Pakistan and then not follow it up with madarchods? Gurmehar needs to know that there are a few words like army, soldier, border, and Pakistan that come with absolutely clear usage guidelines in India and they are not open to any kind of interpretation. Even if it concerns your father’s death. Now that she had spoken about the army, everyone had a say in what her father’s death meant to her. On cue, the internet stepped in because they felt the girl’s mind was polluted and needed cleansing.