Decoding the 2G Scam in the Age of 4G


Decoding the 2G Scam in the Age of 4G

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


hristmas has come early for A Raja and Kanimozhi as a special CBI judge acquitted all the 19 accused in the 2G scam case. The scam was uncovered almost a decade back, and the subsequent investigation and court proceedings mirrored the timeline of the hit Bollywood franchise Golmaaal. The movie is a perfect metaphor for UPA-II. Coincidentally, one of the leads in Golmaal didn’t speak either.

According to the CAG, the license allocation cost the exchequer a loss of ₹ 1.76 lakh crore. A figure so huge that the font size had to be reduced in the newspapers the following day so they could print the number in its entirety. But a decade later, as everyone was streaming videos on their Jio 4G networks, the news of the 2G verdict came as a rude shock.