The Man Who Always Gets the Eid Dates Right


The Man Who Always Gets the Eid Dates Right

Illustration: Namaah/ Arré


ISSsssss… The word hangs like a hiss in the tiny office. The air is heavy with incense smoke and the scent envelops all those who enter. It’s a cluttered space and peering down from the wall is an eclectic bunch – BB King, Sharad Pawar, Buddha, and Botticelli’s Venus. Jayraj Salgaonkar is sitting in the middle of it all, sipping coffee, as he spells out the mantra for Kalnirnay’s success.

The world’s best-selling “calmanac”, which tells millions of Indians around the world when Ramazan ends and Govardhan Pooja begins, when to fast during Pitru Paksha, and whether onions are kosher on Dussehra, has been put together from here for 42 years now.