The Looney Tunes of Zakir Naik


The Looney Tunes of Zakir Naik


t started a month ago, when I clicked on a video of Richard Dawkins ripping a bunch of shady “religious scholars” a new one while being cheered on by a crowd of atheists. Somehow, a few hours later (YouTube’s autoplay is an amazing thing), I was watching someone named Dr Zakir Naik, extolling the values of his religion with a big grin plastered on his face. Out of curiosity, I fell deeper into the YouTube hole, and ended up watching nearly all of Naik’s videos – during which he discusses everything from his views on women, to the fallacy of the Bible, to how “Charles Darwin is just a theory”.

As a non-religious person with great interest in people acting like idiots, I’ve watched someone called Nirmal Baba advising a man to go play Ludo with his children so he can get “kripa”, a US-based Christian televangelist yelling “money cometh to me NOW!”, and Dr Naik claiming Muslims are more Christian than Christians themselves. It’s a testament to my belief in the plurality of comedy, really.