A Petition to Declare Mumbai a Work-from-Home City


A Petition to Declare Mumbai a Work-from-Home City

Illustration: Arati Gujar


t’s a weekday morning. You’re woken up by the sound of honking cars down the street, and no part of you wants to get out of bed. You know you have to get up, brush your teeth, and have a bath, and you also know that no matter how clean you are when you leave for office, you will arrive sweaty and smell like something between the open sewers and smoke from the pollution. The city is more powerful than any deodorant.

You check Uber. “Fares are higher due to increased demands.” You check Ola. “Fares are higher than normal,” as if saying, “Let me try and rob you based on how badly you need this ride!” You check Google Maps to see how much time it will take to reach office (even though you know it). Google Maps shows you sporadic splatter of blue and orange amidst a completely red network of roads. You expected it, but you’re still shocked because your system has gotten used to the daily cheap thrill that is your workday commute.