Three Cheers for the Mediocre Mommies


Three Cheers for the Mediocre Mommies

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré


hen the new Ms World, Manushi Chillar, told the world that motherhood deserves the largest pay packet of all, everyone went all “Aww…” and many stay-at-home moms dabbed at their moist eyes for being acknowledged. We love it when someone famous sings paeans about the loveliness of mothers, especially stay-at-home ones.

Some mothers are selfless paragons of virtue who function like CEOs of a Fortune 500 company, efficiently churning out polite, well-behaved kids who clear the IIT-JEE, baking cakes that belong in MasterChef Australia and volunteering at the blind school four times a week. If that’s not enough, they also grow their own organic vegetables and run their home-based businesses which get them featured in the Economic Times. These moms find a lot of satisfaction in their roles as homemakers but they make life tough for us – the not-so-supermoms.