Why We Need the ₹2,989-Crore Statue of Unity


Why We Need the ₹2,989-Crore Statue of Unity

Illustration: Akshita Monga


s our Supreme Leader Narendra Bhai Damodardas Modi (GST included) unveiled a massive statue of India’s first Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the South Indian in me had only one question. “How is he Sardar if he is not wearing a turban?”

While everyone around me was slamming Modiji for wastefulness of building the world’s largest statue, I was secretly quite relieved. Relieved that Modi picked a deputy PM who was a Congressman over a deputy PM from his own party. If he’d gone with the latter, we’d have got a 600-ft statue of a sulking LK Advani and the costs would have automatically tripled to 9,000 crore — because to truly depict Advani, you’d have to build his statue to stand in the shadow of 600-ft statues of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Modi.