The Monk Who Had the Last Laugh


The Monk Who Had the Last Laugh

Illustration: Akshita Monga


nude monk graced the Haryana Assembly and the Twitterati had a field day. Every left liberal worth 300 RTs, dropped his work and focused his energy on going after the Haryana government for allowing a naked Jain monk into their assembly. Now, the left liberals are a group of people I normally identify myself with. Our group goes by a variety of monikers – libtard, adarsh liberal, traitor, Aaptard, Aapturd, and my favourite of them all, Pakistani. Mostly, I’m in agreement with the issues that bother my comrades aka “Naxals”, and we go out there together and bravely fight online wars and take on dangerously patriotic fake accounts run by Shah and the gang for the love of our freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Yet, we outraged against a man because of his religious and sartorial affiliation.

Truth be told, the Jain monk, Tarun Sagar, should be our hero. He walked into the House that is presided by a conservative and regressive BJP regime, stark naked. That’s literally sticking it in, in the headquarters of “uncorrupt Indian values”. I don’t think the following sentence will ever have a positive connotation but here goes: It was a dick move that we can all be proud of.