The Great Spaghetti Eastern of Bihar


The Great Spaghetti Eastern of Bihar

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


hen actor Neetu Chandra saw Alia Bhatt playing a Bihari in the Udta Punjab trailer, she wrote an open letter, as is the norm these days. She was upset about the exaggerated portrayal of Biharis in Hindi cinema. Phrases like “Bihar’s glorious past” made a justifiable entry into the note, as did the obligatory references to Nalanda University and the origins of Buddhism and Jainism. It was sweet… despite mid-life angst playing peekaboo. Guess Neetu never got around to seeing the brown and burnt Ms Bhatt speaking in what-she-thought-was-Bhojpuri in the film. Because then, just an open letter would not have sufficed.

But we are digressing already.