A Shimon Peres Recipe for Mr Modi


A Shimon Peres Recipe for Mr Modi

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


esterday, the pub-happy urban poor and the hump-crazy Tinder freaks made an inappropriate sex-talking “iDadi” trend, over a guy who went by the name Shimon Peres. They are not to blame. Peres after all is neither a Martian that Elon Musk wants to lord over, nor did Peres come up with any T-shirt-worthy slogans like Che. Then why bother?

The reason is only this – Shimon Peres in far away Israel is perhaps more relevant to the state of the nation right now than Elon Musk or Che Guevara will ever be. Peres represented a combination of two seemingly contrasting philosophies – the Machiavellian ideology of a strong state and the Gandhian one based on peaceful coexistence. A combination that India, as it deals with the aftermath of surgical strikes on terror camps across the Line of Control, sorely needs.